Welcome Story

contact us illustration girl is waving and inviting to ask questionscontact us illustration girl is waving and inviting to ask questions

Anna who worked at a university in Kyiv was helped by Yulia from USPUK to match with a family in Tenby, Wales.

One day, sitting in the shelter with my children once again and scrolling through Facebook in search of news, I came across Yulia's post from the volunteer organisation USPUK. The post was about the visa programme in Great Britain for Ukrainian refugees. I immediately joined the telegram channel, where I could always find the necessary information to answers my endless questions.  

We were matched with the wonderful people from Tenby, Wales, Jackie, and Paul. While waiting for visas, we were always in touch with them, texting every day. By the time we arrived in the UK, we knew everything about each other. Even then I felt that Jackie was my soulmate, and I was not mistaken. 

We are just a perfect match for them. Since the day we arrived, they have taken care of us as if we are part of the family. We have dinner together, go shopping and on excursions, spend a lot of time together. Since I know English well, and Jackie is a volunteer of the local centre for Ukrainians, I am also happy to help her in all matters, to translate and inform Ukrainians. 

I am very grateful to Yulia, and the entire USPUK organisation for our "new life" in such a terrible time for us. It is impossible to express all the gratitude we feel for our new family and for all the English people who continue to support and help Ukrainians.