Welcome Story

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I want to thank USPUK for your work and support, and all your employees for their warmth and kindness throughout the whole documentation process. After waiting for a UK visa, my original sponsor cancelled my sponsorship on the 29th of June.

After that, I didn’t believe I would get my visa. However, your consultants assured that they could help me. As soon as the 6th of July, they told me they had found me a new sponsor. It was a wonderful couple, who invited me with warmth and care. On the 5th of August, I received the long-awaited visa. I cannot convey the feeling.

On the 13th of August, my sponsors met me at Luton airport, London. Now they help me with everything, including all official document processes, and they have introduced me to their neighbours. They are all beautiful and open people with kind hearts. I thank you all for your work, and thanks to you, I am trying to live differently and I have started to believe in myself. I love you.