Welcome Story

contact us illustration girl is waving and inviting to ask questionscontact us illustration girl is waving and inviting to ask questions

Yulia spoke of her experience with USPUK and the Homes for Ukraine scheme:

When it became clear the situation in Ukraine wasn’t going to get any better, we decided that the United Kingdom would be our chosen destination due to their previous powerful support. In Poland, I found the USPUK organisation, the specialists were our compatriots, who we could talk to in our native language and tell the nuances of our situation. The girls supported, encouraged, and advised us on the visa process. Thank you, girls, for your painstaking work and good hearts! 

On 1 June we arrived in the UK, where we were met by our lovely sponsors Kirstin, Richard, and their son Alexander. The meeting at the railway station felt as if we were really a family separated for a long time. It was an incredible feeling. 

We were very tired after the journey and only in the morning could we fully appreciate how carefully our sponsors had prepared the room for us. A bouquet of flowers, the flag of Ukraine, printed and arranged our family photos!  

We have been with them everywhere: local festivals, fairs, forest walks, cafes, and restaurants. We even had a reception with the mayor of our city for the participants of the “Homes for Ukraine” Scheme! Whilst at the meeting, my host Kirstin said, “from now on, no matter what happens and matter where they are, we are one family forever! If they decide to return to Ukraine, when it becomes safe there, we will keep in touch and visit them in their homeland”.