Do you have space in your home?

If you can provide a place of sanctuary for Ukrainians fleeing the war, register to host today.

Host UkrainiansCommunity sponsorship
(businesses, community groups, organisations, universities)

What is Communities for Ukraine?

The Communities for Ukraine programme is a collaboration between USPUK and Citizens UK, which have both been awarded ‘Recognised Provider’ status by the UK Government to match refugees with host sponsors under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Working with individual hosts and civil society organisations, Communities for Ukraine provides an ‘end-to-end’ supported process for hosts and Ukrainians. It gives dignity and agency to refugees from the time they consider coming to the UK, through to their arrival and resettlement in a new home.

This approach to refugee sponsorship emphasises the leverage of trusted civil society organisations with deep roots in local communities to provide a safe, supported, and sustainable process for Ukrainian refugees to resettle in the UK.