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How does the Programme Work?

The Communities for Ukraine programme adds a scaffold around the UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme to make it safer, sustainable, supported and able to scale at speed. This is made possible by resettlement partner institutions, who work with us to find new hosts and assist Ukrainians seeking sanctuary in the UK.

Resettlement partners are the linchpin of their host network, acting as coordinator, working with, and supported by both USPUK and Citizens UK. Each resettlement partner commits to find host sponsors within their networks to accommodate at least 50 Ukrainian refugees, allocate staff time to check the suitability of host sponsors, promote high quality matches, ensure a robust approach to safeguarding, and support hosts and refugees with the challenges they may face when they arrive.

To ensure resettlement partners feel confident and prepared, Citizens UK provides them with training and policies and processes for local host sponsors, ensuring the learning and experience from resettling dozens of Syrian refugees over the past 5 years through their Sponsor Refugees project is passed on to those who have offered to host Ukrainians.

“We were very pleased to become a Resettlement Partner with Citizens UK’s Communities for Ukraine programme, which has given organisations like ours the confidence to mobilise our networks to open their homes, safe in the knowledge that every refugee that arrives will be supported to high standards.”  
- Andy Quinn, Chief Executive of Father Hudson’s Care, a resettlement partner of Citizens UK

Why working with Resettlement Partners is the best way for resettlement?

Safer - by building in safeguarding processes and training, and working through Resettlement Partner organisations with their own capacity to ensure safety for refugees and sponsors at the local level;

Scale at Speed - the risk is that very few Ukrainians sign up for the scheme because they don’t know about it.  Together we can build enough pledged capacity to make it worth the while of overwhelmed support organisations in Ukraine, Poland, and Moldova to build trusting relationships with us and resettle refugees in large numbers - and quickly;

Sustainable - we need to be planning beyond the first six months, and to ensure that host communities are prepared to support the refugees with their next steps, whatever they may be;

Supported - many people and organisations want to get involved but are concerned by the lack of support mechanisms in place for those taking part.  We will provide training, resources and support structures for Resettlement Partners and sponsors to give them confidence to participate.

“We couldn't believe it when the war started. We knew our area would be one of the first to be affected. We realised that there are so many Ukrainian people in Poland that there was not going to be any opportunity to work, and we were not going to be able to progress. We decided to apply to go to another country. I'm so full of emotions. But most of all, I'm extremely happy to be here. [Our host] seems very kind and the children are pleased to be in Britain.”
- Husband and wife Vladyslav and Iryna, two of the first Ukrainian refugees resettled through the Communities for Ukraine scheme.

Working with Communities for Ukraine: What is expected of a Resettlement Partner?

Commitment to resettle 50 refugees under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme through local sponsors in your area;

Provide a single-point-of-contact Co-ordinator from your staff who can co-ordinate local sponsors, receive training, and cascade training to local sponsors, and ensure high standards of safeguarding and welcome are maintained;

Support the local Sponsors you are working with to overcome barriers to success;

Work collaboratively with Citizens UK and our partners to ensure success of the Scheme and the best experience for refugees and local sponsors - in the first six months and beyond;

Ensure the high standards we set are present at every level of the Scheme, especially the Local Sponsors you are co-ordinating.

Success Rate and Testimonies

So far, Resettlement Partners have welcomed hundreds of Ukrainians to the UK through the Communities for Ukraine programme and we hope to continue welcoming more with new resettlement partners. The drive for new hosts is just as important now, as thousands of Ukrainians face a sub-zero winter without access to heat, electricity, or water.

"We would say from our experience it has been a great adventure and in giving up our home, personal space and routine we have gained a new family and an education in all things Ukrainian. It says a great deal about Krystyna (guest) as a person that our experience has been so positive. We thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity to help them in this way. And we are grateful to the church family for their prayers.”  
- Guy and Sandi, hosts and part of host community found by resettlement partner, the Diocese of Chelmsford.

If you would like to host as an individual household, follow the link below to register:

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