Resources for Ukrainians

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Currently we are unable to accept new applications to Citizens UK as we are prioritising finding matches for Ukrainians who have already applied and those who the government has contacted about rematching.

Now that the Scottish and Welsh Government Schemes are paused, we are actively looking for new initiatives in order to re-open our form. We will provide an update here when we are able to accept new applications.

Applying for your visa

We have detailed FAQs on our website explaining the process for your visa application.

You may have questions that are not explained there and you can also contact our team via Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, or by emailing

We will be happy to help, that's why we are here. All enquiries will be answered as soon as we can.

UK Government Visa Application

Travelling to the UK

Once you have found a sponsor and have received your UK visa, you will need to find a way to travel to the UK. We are currently working with travel companies and the UK Government to find ways to help you to travel to the UK. We hope to have more information on this soon. In the meantime, check out the FAQs on this topic.

Advice, information & support for Ukrainians who would liketo apply for entry to the UK.

UK Government Guidance