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What is the sponsorship scheme Homes for Ukraine?
Is the sponsorship scheme Homes for Ukraine still active?
Who is a sponsor?
How can I find a sponsor?
Who is eligible to apply?
Is the application submitted for free?
How long will my visa last?
What is the current situation on Scottish and Welsh visa schemes?
Can I apply for Homes for Ukraine if I do not have an international passport?
Will the transportation to the “sponsored” location be arranged?
When and how I will be able to collect/apply for my BRP? 

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Visa Application

If I have an expired international passport can I apply online for my visa and receive my visa without visiting a visa application centre?
Does each member of my family have to submit a separate visa application?
Can I come to the UK from any country in Europe?
Am I eligible for a visa if I left Ukraine before the 1st January 2022?
Can I cancel an application once it has been submitted?
If I have arrived in the UK under the Family Scheme, can I swap onto Homes for Ukraine?
How long will it take to get a visa?
How can I submit my biometrics?

Finding a Sponsor

Will my sponsor need to provide information for the visa application?
How I can be sure that I will be safe with Sponsor?

Living in the UK

If i receive a visa how long can I stay in the UK?
Once i have come to the UK will I be able to return to Ukraine when it is possible to do so? (And will it be paid)
Can I bring other family members afterwards?
Will the sponsor / host provide me with food or anything else?
Will children arriving from Ukraine have access to schools and are there any special circumstances for providing them with school places?
How can we get children into a school on arrival in the UK?
How quickly will children arriving from Ukraine be offered a school place?
Do I have to live with my sponsors for the six months or after?
Will I have to pay rent to my sponsor?
Will I be able to send my children to school, will I be able to access medical care, will I be able to work, and if I am unable to find work will I have any income?
Will I be able to stay in the UK after my 3 year visa has expired?
What will happen to me if things do not work out with my sponsor host and either they want me to leave or I want to go?
What are social welfare benefits? How much it is?
Will there be access to Universities?
Will I be entitled to medical care in the UK?
Will I be helped to find a job?
Could I go to some other countries for a couple of days and then return to UK?
What jobs are available in the UK?
What are the benefits of moving to the UK over other places in Europe?
How can I learn English when I arrive?


Will the transportation from my current location to the “sponsored” location be arranged?
When I have received my visa how will I get to the airport?
Can I bring a pet?
Will my pet need to quarantine?