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You might want to take the decision to move to the UK, maybe you don't know the answer yet, you don't have enough information, or you need support and information.

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What is the UK offering to Ukrainians?

  • A 3 year visa in the UK (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).
  • The right to work and access benefits.
  • Free access to the National Health Service, schools and other public services.
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Need help finding a sponsor?
  • We recommend finding a sponsor through Citizens UK.
  • Citizens UK is matching sponsors in the safe, supported and sustainable way.
  • USPUK and its partner Citizens UK are a recognised provider by the UK government.
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Need help filling in your visa application form?
  • We have translated the form into Ukrainian.
  • Our consultants can help in English, Ukrainian & Russian.
  • Book a call with one of our consultants or send us a message on Whatsapp.

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Need help travelling to the UK?

  • We can provide help with your transfer to the UK, depending on which country you are currently in.
  • We have 1000 free flight tickets subsidised by private sponsors.
  • They are available to Ukrainians who have been matched through Citizens UK.
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