USPUK was founded in March 2022 and has since made impactful partnerships and projects to help displaced Ukrainians wanting to come to the UK.

How we can help

We assist displaced Ukrainian people by providing information, advice and assistance when:

Browse this website for up-to-date and relevant information and resources. We have translated the UK Visa application form into Ukrainian and have an up-to-date list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and links to other partner organisations who offer help.

Communities for Ukraine

The Communities for Ukraine programme is a collaboration between USPUK and Citizens UK, which have both been awarded ‘Recognised Provider’ status by the UK Government to match refugees with host sponsors under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Communities for Ukraine welcomes Ukrainians to the UK through the support of our ‘Resettlement Partners’ - civil society organisations, which include faith groups, community groups, businesses, and universities.

Resettlement Partners commit to finding host sponsors within their networks to accommodate at least 50 Ukrainian refugees, allocate staff time to check the suitability of host sponsors, and support hosts and refugees with the challenges they may face when they arrive.

Communities for Ukraine gives dignity and agency to refugees from the time they consider coming to the UK, through to their arrival and resettlement in a new home. This approach to refugee sponsorship emphasises the leverage of community to provide a safe, supported, and sustainable process for Ukrainian refugees to resettle in the UK.

We are actively looking for more UK hosts. If you are interested in becoming a host for Communities for Ukraine, you can find out more here or you register here.

You can fill in our form if you are ready to go to the UK and need a sponsor.

Work with the UK Government

USPUK works in close collaboration with the British Government to offer assistance to Ukrainians whose initial sponsors were deemed unsuitable for various reasons. Through a unique screening process, Ukrainians who have been notified can seek assistance from USPUK through multiple channels. USPUK identifies those that most require resettlement and work with Citizens UK to find new sponsors for these cases and provide support through the whole process.

Afghan Resettlement

USPUK is developing resettlement support for Afghans who have come to the UK after the Taliban took over. From our work resettling Ukrainians, we know how crucial it is to build trust with those we are supporting. Hiring Afghans to work for USPUK on the project has enabled us to quickly build strong networks within the community. Working alongside More in Common, we are using these networks to conduct a survey of those Afghans still living in hotels to provide a granular understanding of the barriers preventing them from finding stable and secure accommodation in the UK. The survey has been created with and piloted by Afghans, is available in Dari, Pashto and English, and is the first attempt to listen in a systematic way to the wants and needs of the cohort when it comes to finding a home. The results of the survey will inform USPUK’s next moves, but we remain committed to finding ways to support Afghans rebuilding their lives in the UK.